Friday, August 31, 2012

Clearing the mind :)

This week has been an interesting one for me. With my impending labor sneaking up on me, I have been doing what Jar calls nesting. The urge has been there for a long time, but last weekend scared me into "I-need-to-get-read-for-these-babies-early" mode. I thought I was prepared for them to come, but I was not. Well, not the way I'd like to be anyways. And I can admit that what I considered to be prepared might seem extreme to what others might considered to be prepared. I don't know.

So, this week I made sure the baby room was ready. It had been cleaned out and organized, but things were still needed to be done. I needed to wash the car seats because we bought them second hand, so I did that and in the process between the two of us we lost one half of one of the chest buckles and one of the little pieces that clips into the middle piece. I have searched high and low and still can't find the annoying things. I did call into Peg Perego and order some new pieces. I ended up having to pay for it because they have to send a complete harness, but at least it should be here before we need to be bringing babies home. And hopefully they are the pieces that I need! At least it's not a worry anymore.

The swings got brought down into the newly painted and FURNISHED living room! Jar worked his tail off on Monday to get the room finished. There are still things like trim and some decorating that need to be done, but it is livable in there now! I think his next days off we will start bringing stuff back up under the stairs into the storage area and get the downstairs room looking better.

I still have some things to do before I feel completely prepared, but it is all minor. Today I have an appointment in Lethbridge, so I will hopefully find some blankets and pillows to put in the new room and cute baskets to set up diaper stations around the house. I figure I'll need at least 3. One for my bedroom, living room, and downstairs. I think after tomorrow I will feel a whole lot better about everything if they were to come sooner than later.

Because I am going in to the doctor's today, I will have all 3 of us ready to have these babies, just in case. They are still packed from last weekend, and have their sleeping bags in, but I will throw my bag back in and their personal things they use everyday. I feel fine right now, but you never know I guess. It will stay that way too until these babies actually do come. Sound weird? Whatever, at least I won't be running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I won't have to worry about someone else trying to figure out what my girls need or what I might be needing. Living an hour away from Lethbridge in a little hamlet with no friends or family right in town makes it a bit different in the planning department, that's for sure. We do have people in Pincher that are willing to help, which is awesome. I've actually felt a lot of love from a lot of people in our ward this last month. It's been nice, but I wish it wouldn't have taken over 4 years. Maybe these babies will help me feel like I fit in a bit better afterwards. Hope so.

Anyways, today should be a good day! Full of shopping! Don't worry Jar, the bills are paid. And then I am going to have a couple of girls over to watch a movie. It's probably the last weekend that Jar is gone before these boys arrive and I had said when the room was finished I was going to have a party one weekend he was gone. I was going to do a Pinterest party with food and crafts, but that is just a bit over my head right now. So a couple of girls and snacks is perfect! Can't wait!

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