Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hopefully you are not too tired of hearing about this pregnancy of mine! I don't know about any of you, but when I am pregnant, it's almost all I can think about the whole 9 months. I find that children in all stages are mind consuming. Whether it's trying to get pregnant, you are pregnant, or children themselves, they consume my mind. Sometimes in a stressful way, but most of the times it's just wondering, thinking, hoping. This pregnancy has been different, obviously. It doesn't make it more important or more exciting, just different. It has brought on different stresses that the girls never did. I never really worried about the girls coming early, I didn't worry about NICU, and I didn't really have to worry about what to do with the other kids if I had to be at the hospital for an extended period of time.

These worries have become stronger over the last week. I am now 32 weeks which is AWESOME! What's even better is that these boys are BIG! They are both measuring about a week ahead of schedule. They both weigh 4 lbs 6 oz. One must be a bit longer because one is 6 days ahead of schedule and the other is 8. So for being the same weight, I am assuming the measurements are different. I'm sure it's not that much, because really, how big does a baby have to be to hide an oz or two? So this was really good news for me. It took away the worry of how they were growing and if they were growing at a good rate in comparison to each other. If their weight differs by too much, the chances of taking them early are much higher. So now I don't have to worry about that. Unless something changes, but I don't really see that happening. I will talk to my doctor on Friday and hopefully I'll get some more info on things. I want to know more about the steroid shot for their lungs. I want to know if them being bigger will make them come earlier in the end. There's only so much room in there! I will find out when my next ultrasound is on Friday as well. This last one I had was really quick and wasn't the one I thought I was having. I think the next one I have will be at the hospital and have the scoring. There are just so many unknowns. I hate it. Oh well, they will be here soon enough! Even if they came at 35 weeks, which I think would be awesome, that is only 3 weeks away. 3 weeks! They could still take 6 weeks though.

Here are some pictures of Baby A from yesterday. For some reason they didn't give me any pictures of Baby B. Oh well, hopefully next time. This one is his profile. He sure does look pretty squished in there!

 I absolutely love this picture of his hand! It is just so perfect.There are mini people in my tummy!

I know that at my 18 week ultrasound I saw both babies in there, but for some reason it didn't really sink in that I was having 2 babies. Even when I went to the doctor and heard 2 different heart beats, I still worried and was in disbelief that there were really 2 babies in my tummy. I still am in disbelief, but it is starting to become more of a reality. I don't know if it was this last ultrasound and seeing them, knowing if they were born today, they would survive and thrive. They might not get home for awhile, but they should be healthy and strong. Maybe it was finding out that I have more baby in me than I ever have had. I probably have more baby in me than I have had baby plus all the other stuff that is in there. Maybe not quite, but close! Or maybe it was finding out how they were positioned. That definitely helped me with my bonding. It's nice to know who is kicking me and hurting me.

I really like their positioning. It's not ideal, but we can work with it. Baby A is head down. This made me sooo happy! This was one of the things I was worried about as well. I know the chances of having a C-section are higher, but I didn't want that to be my only option. Because Baby A is head down, they will let me try and do it naturally. With an epidural of course! Another worry of mine....that they will come fast and I won't get an epidural. Anyways, Baby A, who I considered to be Cooper, is head down and his back is to my left side. His arms and feet are facing towards the middle of my stomach. Baby B, who I considered to be Walker, is head up. His arms and feet are also facing the middle of my stomach. So they are like a yin yang! I thought it was kinda cute! I am almost half expecting them to come out with black eyes from boxing each other in there. I'm interested to see if they change position at all on my next ultrasound. Hopefully not going from head down to head up though!

And if you're wondering if they will let me deliver naturally with one that is head up, the answer is yes! My doctor told me that as long as Baby A is head down they will let me try. He said he didn't care what Baby B was doing, he'll just reach in a pull him out. Literally. Ouch! I really hope I get that epidural.

So for now I am happy with how things are going and am a bit relieved. They will still be on my mind until they get here. My goal is to go 4 more weeks. Well, they need to wait 29 days. Jar will be home and they will be big and doing well. If they gain an ounce a day like most babies do, they will be over 6 lbs each by then! So, we will see. Until then, well, until the come, I will just be happy with how everything has gone and how well they are doing. I couldn't ask for more. I don't know why we were blessed with these boys, but I know they were meant to come together at this point in my life. I know that this pregnancy has been easy. Well, as easy as it can be. My nausea is minimal, my body seems to be built for this, so the level of uncomfortableness and pain has been minimal as well. I do have a very high pain tolerance, so that might be part of it as well. Don't get me wrong. I am tired, I am in pain, I am uncomfortable, but I am pregnant with twins, so that is to be expected. I just know that some people have it a lot worse than I do.

I always hoped that my third labor would be the one that was drama and trauma free. It's definitely going to be very dramatic, but I'm still hoping for an easy labor. Even if doesn't go perfectly, it would be nice to have these babies and me be healthy and no life threatening scares!

The days are long, but they will be here before I know it!

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