Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Completely addicted

Alright, I just need to talk about my Young Living oils for a minute. I am so in love with them. I do not know how we made it without them! Seriously, they are the best.

Our family has passed around a nasty cough over the last few weeks. The only who got a fever from it was Cooper. Other than that, it is just the yucky tight chest cold that breaks up. The kind where you are coughing up nonstop phlegm. So gross! Jar was the first to come down with it bad. He came from work with it and I made him rub certain oils on his chest and throat and we also diffused them in our bedroom at night. I also have some homemade tinctures that I got him to take. Looking back, he wasn't taking big enough doses of the tinctures, but now I will know for next time! The cough tincture definitely doesn't taste all that great. It has an herbal taste to it and it has some cayenne in it, so it burns a bit. It does have a sweet taste to it as well because the base is glycerin, but I have tasted better. He was asking if we had some Buckley's around. I told him it's in the cupboard, but I have my homemade stuff that he should try. He told me that my stuff didn't taste very good. I replied that Buckley's is known for it's horrible taste, so his argument wasn't valid. Haha. The twins don't like the cough syrup either. I can't say I blame them. They love they other kinds though. As long as they work, that is all I care about!

Anyways, Jar made it through his cold/cough without any meds. As long as he kept putting on the oils, he was good. So, Walker got sick shortly after. I used the same oils, but I diluted them with a carrier oil. My preferred oil is coconut oil. I LOVE coconut oil. It is all I use. I do have some olive oil and avocado oil for special dishes, but I do not use vegetable or canola oil. Anyways, Walker did really well and you could tell that it helped so fast. All of my kids love getting oils put on, but the boys do especially. Coop just started to show signs of coughing yesterday. He was feverish though, which no one else had. He was so tired and cuddly. Poor little guy! I hate seeing my babies sick! The oils really helped him. I put some peppermint oil to help with the fever. He did get a dose of Tylenol in the morning to break it, but I am trying to avoid that as well. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-medicine. I would like to stay away from them though, especially antibiotics, as much as possible.

Other things that I have used my oils for are: upset stomach, sore muscles, sore joints, tiredness, inability to sleep.....I am sure there are more. I also bought us girls some aromatherapy necklaces. They are shaped so you can put the oils in, put it won't spill out. I bought it particularly for Macey to see if it would help with her fidgeting and help calm her anxieties. I am studying more about oils that will help with that, but for now it seems to be working. They both love their necklaces. I have peppermint in my necklaces right now. It came in handy last week when we were driving a straight shot through the middle of the night to Salt Lake City. It takes 13-14 hours. I tried to sleep so I could drive. I drove for a bit and I just kept my necklace up by my nose and it sure did help a lot. It is one of my very favorite oils!

Other things in our house are still getting replaced with non-chemical versions ie. shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleaners, soap, hand soap. I bought a bunch of stuff down in the states and I meant to get deodorant, and I totally forgot to get it! I am still kicking myself. Oh well. Next time.

I love finding new ways to use the oils. There is an oil for every ailment! Now if there was only an oil to get me to stop eating chocolate!

So, this is what has been on my mind the last few months. It has been an expensive path, but only because when I get interested in something, I am all in. I want it all and I want it now! I am only like that with certain things, but this has definitely been one of them. I am very set up with my oils and it makes me so happy! I love putting new bottles in with the rest of them. Some will be used way more than others, but as I learn more, I am sure I will get around to them all.

Our whole family loves the oils. Jar loves anything to do with Thieves. I totally love it too. I also use peppermint and wintergreen a lot for my hip. It is still really sore from surgery a few months ago. This weather hasn't really helped either. The girls love Peace & Calming, Valor, and Joy. The boys just love getting their oils put on. Normally I put it on their feet, so they will sit down and get their socks off. They know the routine! It is something that I plan on sticking with. If you ever want information on the oils or if you have something that is bugging and want to know what oils could help, just ask! I love talking about them!