Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Married Single Mom

I am a married single mom. Sometimes it's nice. Sometimes it's not.

The times I like it are at bedtime. I have a huge king-size bed all to myself....and the twins on and off through the night....but mostly to myself. No one snoring or breathing bad breath on me. Sometimes it's easier to get everybody out the door when it's just me. Go figure that one out! I don't have to cook for someone that has to have more than a salad or Ichiban or Kraft Dinner. I don't have to expect any kind of effort from any other parent, I know that if I want something done I need to do it myself. It's quiet time and just-me time when the kids are in bed. I can shut down and do my own thing. If this sounds like I am complaining about Daddy being home, I am not. These are just the times when I find it to be easier when Daddy is gone. Easier isn't always better!

The times I don't like being a married single mom are when it's raining cats and dogs and my roof is leaking all over everything and I twisted my ankle and something/someone crashed around in the garage and I have to clean it all up before bedtime kind of days. I will have to carry two babies around tomorrow and have the house cleaned and have everyone packed and drive to my parents' house this weekend. I don't like being a married single mom on those kind of days as much. When the power goes out and there is not much to do, I kinda like to have company around. When I run out of shows to watch or Netflix isn't working, I like having someone to get me more shows. My feet don't rub themselves. On nights like tonight when I am panicking about if I can remember how to load the gun....or thinking maybe it's easier to go out there with my metal Jesus bust....or my scrapbooking knife that is laying on my desk, right before I am going to go check out what is crashing around my garage...I'd rather not have to do any of it. Seriously though, I just ran and locked the deadbolt and the doorknob. Quick fix!

There is not much I can do about my situation. For the most part, it works. We are still trying to figure out things and adjust to it all, but we are extremely fortunate for Daddy to have such a great job! I am only by myself for 9 days at the most, but everything happens on those 7-9 days. Monsters bump in the night. Babies grow up. Kids lose teeth. Fall off bikes. Moms twist ankles.

Maybe tomorrow I will be brave enough to check out the garage in the daylight :)

P.S. - even though it is super awesome to sleep by myself in my ginormous bed and not be breathed on, it is still better to have Daddy home. I sacrifice like that :)

Monday, June 3, 2013


Seriously, where does the time go?

The twins are 36 weeks and 3 days old today. That is how far along in my pregnancy I got with them. They just made it to day 3 by 2 hours, but since I didn't get to sleep the night they were born, it feels like they were 36 weeks and 2 days. I guess it doesn't really matter anyways. I can't believe they have been out as long as they have been in! They have teeth and are crawling all over and are trying to walk already!

I am an emotional mom. There is no hiding that. I have a love/hate relationship with milestones. This past month was filled with twin memories of last year. I found out last year that we were having twins on May 17th. It was the Thursday before the long weekend. I found out they were both boys the following Tuesday. That weekend we had gone up to Lacombe and we went and saw the movie What To Expect When You're Expecting. I loved the movie! It was the perfect movie for that weekend in particular. I remember telling the hubs after watching it that I was so glad that I saw it when I was pregnant and not in my i-hate-any-pregnant-person phase. It would have been way too hard to watch. Anyways, this year that whole weekend I was reminiscing about it all. We even watched the same movie. It was nice.

Another baby girl turned 7 last week! She is a great kid! And she truly is a kid now. It is so weird. I find I feel extremely inadequate when trying to discipline or explain things to her. She needs more than "Because I said so". She is a little mini adult and it is just going to get harder I suppose. Good thing she is such a good kid. The whole day of her birthday, I just kept thinking about what I was doing 7 years prior. It was not a good recollection. Her birth was more traumatizing than I could ever imagine. I know some people have had it worse, but I didn't realize how much it affected me until I had Macey. At the time I was so excited. She was perfect and I was finally a mom! I am glad each birth got progressively easier after that though. Who would've thought that having twins would be my easiest pregnancy and labor? Not me!

Macey is doing so well right now! Something must have just clicked somewhere along the line. She still has her moments. Like today. She cried and cried because she didn't want to put her clothes away by herself. She wasn't allowed to have supper until her clothes were put away. I was cooking supper and Mackie was watching the boys. So she cried. Mackinley finally helped her when she could and Macey was right as rain after that. She is one of the most kindhearted kids I have ever met though. She loves to give things to people. I know lots of kids do that, but she wanted to give something she liked very much to someone so they would like her as much as she liked them. It was so sweet. I almost cried.

We have had a crazy week. It has been full of cleaning an destruction and organizing and mess. We had a garage sale this past weekend. We still have a lot to sell, but it was nice to get some things cleaned out and organized a bit. I hate clutter and stuff. I hate keeping stuff just because. It's stuff. If we don't use it, get rid of it! If we need it down the line, we can always get a new one. That's my reasoning anyways. So the house is still a disaster from pulling everything out, but there is less to put away :) That is my project for the week. Get the house cleaned up. It needs to be ready to paint our room for next week! And we are going to buy a bed! We have been married for 8 years and we have never had a bed. We have always just put our mattresses on the ground. It's been fine, but we found the perfect bed and if all goes as planned, it will be up next week. I am so excited!

The boys room was finally painted a couple of weeks ago. They are no longer in a pink room. It is chocolate brown now and it looks really good. It will go well with the whole sock monkey theme I have going on for them.

Well, that's about it. I can hear some babies crying :)