Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crazy week ahead! Good thing for BA masseusses!

Today was pretty uneventful. I spent the day recovering from yesterday's trip to Lethbridge and tried to get some cleaning done and the laundry done. I wasn't completely recovered from last weekend, so I decided it would be best to recharge today and tomorrow because then things really start to pick up for awhile!

Monday I go back in to Lethbridge for a biometry ultrasound. They will measure their sizes and weights in relation to each other and what their percentile is. I don't know much more about it. I am excited though to see them even it is only an ultrasound! Tuesday will be another cleaning day because then Jar gets home the next day. Thursday we are hoping to hit the temple in the morning and then my baby shower in Pincher is happening that evening. I really hope to make it to the temple because I haven't been since I've been pregnant and I LOVE going when I am pregnant. Especially when I'm further along. I think it's neat to be as close to them as I possibly can be at the time. Anyways, Friday is back to Lethbridge for another doctor appointment, Saturday is Calgary Zoo for Macey's birthday, and Sunday is Cranbrook for my sister in law's baby blessing. Then home!

I am really looking forward to Friday as well, because everytime I go in to my doctor, I get a prenatal massage as well. It is AWESOME! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is pregnant whether you feel you need it or not. The place I go to has a pregnancy massage table, so it has a hole in the table to put your belly in. None of this lying on your side business! It is so nice to just lay there. The first girl I saw is really great. It's more of a relaxing type of massage where she works on circulation and my sore spots. Sometimes it hurts, but it's not too bad. Yesterday when I was in I had a different girl. I try to not judge someone by their looks, but some people make it really hard. I walked in to the massage place knowing I had someone new. There stood a girl covered in tattoos and piercings. Her head was shaved underneath her long hair and it was pulled back with a big bandana wrapped around her head. She was very intimidating. She was going to be the one to rub me down! I tried really hard not to stare at what was all going on with her physically. I find it hard not to stare at people that make such a statement with their looks. I kept trying to imagine why she would want to do that to herself. I am not against people with tattoos or piercings. I could care less. She was excessive though. She looked like she should be working in a tattoo shop instead of a massage place. She turned out to be really nice though. I figured she would be. I know that just because you have different taste in style or appearance, doesn't make you mean or weird, just......different. Anyways, once I was settled in the room she came in and turned on the music. It was not the traditional river flowing, flute playing, birds chirping type of music. It was Ozzy, his softer, slower music, and other rock stuff that was on the softer side. I didn't mind it. I knew all of the songs. It was just different.

She started to work on my legs first. You need to know that I have extremely sensitive fat. For those of you who are thinking "You have no fat", I do. Whether I am pregnant or at my skinniest, I have always had some fat and it is sensitive. Especially in my thighs. Let's say I have sensitive adipose tissue. Right now, I definitely have extra adipose tissue. When she started massaging my leg I wanted to cry! She has the strongest chick hands! She asked if the pressure was okay or if I wanted more. I said it was good. I kept trying to not flinch. I knew that it would feel a lot better after, so I tried to just take it. Well, I actually did just take it. She was digging her elbow into my butt and twisting my legs around. She kept elbowing the side of my butt and hips. I was oh so painful, but good at the same time. It was MUCH different than the girl I have been seeing. Once she moved up to my back I thought all would be better. I was wrong! She continued the torture on my lower back and sides. She had my arms twisted around and digging her elbows into my shoulder blades. She had her forearms grinding all the way up my back. I found out that I have ticklish spots in the middle of my back that make me flinch only when an extreme amount of pressure is applied. Again, it was painful, but good at the same time. She would ease up for a few minutes when she was going to move to another spot and it felt wonderful!!

It was interesting to see how different people massage differently. They both are really good, just different. It was funny to me though how the one girl looked......softer and massaged softer, and the girl that looked.......harsher, massaged harsher. I am going back on Friday and I see the torturous one again. I am looking forward to it though. It really does make me feel better. I kept telling myself when she was rubbing my legs that she was just breaking up all my fat cells and hopefully my cellulite will leave that much quicker! Don't worry, I did tell her that it hurt. I told her that I couldn't believe how bad that completely sucked after each area. She knew I was hurting! I still can't get over how strong her hands are! Oh well, I'll let them do their magic on me as long as I can. It's better than not having it done :)

One last story and I will finish. My upstairs FINALLY got painted!!! I can't believe I have forgotten to post this. So, last weekend, the weekend I am still recovering from, Jar and I, and my sister Madison spent Saturday and Monday painting. We got the ceiling painted and the living room and the kitchen done! The trim still needs to go up this week and we need to get some furniture put in, but the hard work is all done! It looks weird, just because it's different, but it looks good! The ceiling got painted black. The living room is a light green and the kitchen is grey. The green wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I'm hoping once everything is put in the room and it's all decorated it won't be so bright. It's a light green, but brighter than I was wanting. I like it now, but it can always be painted later on if I decide I don't like it. It's just a huge thing that has been crossed off my list and I am grateful for that!

So by the time our busy week and a half is finished I will be 33 weeks! I think I will have one week to recuperate before Mackie goes back to school and then these babies will be here before I know it! If everything went my way they will come in one month, or more. They would be 36 weeks and Jar would be home. I am praying for good results on my ultrasound so that this plan of mine will happen :)

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