Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goodbye Summer!!!

Well, summer is almost over and I can't wait! There are so many reasons that I want summer to be done. Normally I don't want it to end, but this year, it is very much welcome around here.

My top reasons summer can go away right now

-The heat is unbearable in my condition
-Mackinley is a great help around the house, but I NEED her to go back to school for Macey's sake. They have really good days, but I have no tolerance for their fighting right now
-That much closer to not being pregnant
-That much closer to meeting these baby boys!
-I really would like to have a schedule back. We all do so much better on a schedule

I will be sad when Mackie goes back to school, but I think overall it will bet better for the girls. I just don't have to energy or motivation to be constantly entertaining them. I know they are just bored and I am excited to have Macey to myself, even if it's for a very short time. She does so much better when she's by herself and she really is quite the sweetheart. So is Mackie, but she doesn't have the same evil streak that Macey does, she's almost always quite pleasant.

Quick baby update. Things are coming close to an end, whether they go to 38 weeks or not. 38 weeks is just over 6 weeks away. So, in 6 weeks or less I will get to meet these 2. Crazy! I haven't gotten a lot bigger around. I'm just over 41 inches around right now. Because my tummy hasn't dropped down and out yet, they are still going up. Actually, it feels like they are wrapping around the back. At least one of them is. I am perfectly ok with them not going out. I will sacrifice breathing for not having a super stretched stomach. I know that it can all change quickly though.

I see my doctor tomorrow and I will find out when my first biophysical ultrasound is. I've never had one of them, so it should be interesting. It will just be nice to see that they are doing well. It's been 4 weeks since I've seen my doctor, and I'm a little paranoid, so it will be nice to hear heartbeats and see them moving around. I definitely feel them moving, but it's hard to distinguish who's who when I don't know how they are positioned. So, it should make it a bit more fun for me to know what they are doing.

In the last 2 months or so I have heard of 4 sets of twins that were born at the 32-33 week mark. That would be like me having my babies next week! I am not ready for that at all! If they come early I would like them to come during week 34. Jar will be home and they wouldn't be in NICU for as long. Once again, I know I have no control, but a girl can hope right? :) My ideal way of everything happening would be anytime after 36 weeks. Jar will be home and they should be healthy enough to go home very shortly after. They may be able to just go home.

Right now I am just trying to mentally prepare myself for them coming early. I knew that it was possible, but now that I'm at that point, it has kinda hit me that I am not prepared for that. I can figure out what to do with the girls, but I haven't prepared myself to deal with it. I will be talking to my doctor tomorrow to see if I can get a glimpse at the NICU and get more info in that department. Maybe even the labor and delivery area. Except I will be delivering in an operating room, so that probably won't do me any good.

Sorry, I am rambling. I just have a lot on my mind and it really helps to type it all out. Some of it may be repetitive, but this is what I think about 24/7! Tomorrow will help me out a lot in the emotional/mental department, plus I get another massage! Seriously the best decision I have made in this pregnancy! I really wish I would have done it with my girls. Oh well. I guess I know better for next time......ha!

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  1. I am so excited for you to have these boys and I can't wait to meet them! More boys for Joey to play with :)