Thursday, July 5, 2012

Never ending!

The last couple of weeks I've been gung ho about getting this house clean. Not just clean, but organized clean. Yes, there is a difference :)

We have been renovating our main room for over a year now. Well, let's be honest, it's just been torn apart for over a year now and we haven't really done much the last 6 months. Most of our storage was in that room because there is a hide away spot under the stairs. So, we had a ton of stuff to find a place for. That ended up being the downstairs spare bedroom and the other bedroom upstairs. This worked for a bit, but it just seemed like after all that time, everything else in the house has gone to pot in the organization department. The big closet downstairs, the closet upstairs, the junk drawers, the laundry room. I could hide it well by closing drawers and doors, but it was really starting to drive me nuts! I'm on a deadline here!

I just started cleaning without really planning on it. It was the kitchen junk drawers first. Then the closet in the kitchen, then the dreaded closet downstairs. I planned on being done for the night, but I started in on the bedroom downstairs and I just couldn't stop! It still has things that are sitting in there, but at least someone can sleep down there again and there is room to move. Seriously, you couldn't walk in there and the room is huge! Then I started the bedroom upstairs. Even though I've done all of this cleaning and dejunking, my house is a disaster! It's just stuff. Stuff that needs a home, but everytime I put something away, I seem to find something else that is out of place. I know it will get done eventually, but it is so frustrating sometimes! At least it's not hard work. Just time consuming. I will feel so much better when it is all done.

The room that is being renovated should be done soon as well, so that is nice. Just a bit more mud and some sanding and paint. I am not doing any of it this time, so it's been slow going. But, once it's ready to paint, I will be a happy girl! Although we have that room to paint, the kitchen and the babies' room as well. I do have help with the painting, so that will be nice.

So even though it seems like a lot of work, the cleaning I mean, it's not that bad. If I kept at it steadily, I should be done in 2 or 3 days. I just get really tired, really easily lately. Surprise! I'm not used to taking breaks for stuff like that, even when I was pregnant with the girls. I have overdone it a few times lately and it takes a good 2 or 3 days to recover. I really hate it, so I am learning that I need to slow down and rest. Which is good I guess.

A quick update on pregnancy and I am done and then I have to go back to cleaning! I haven't gained much weight the last couple of weeks and that makes me a bit nervous, but my weight gain is in the normal range for a twin pregnancy weight gain, so that is a bit reassuring. I have less than 13 weeks max left. I would prefer less than 12 though. I know I don't have total control, but once I hit 36 weeks I will be doing acupressure and massage and whatever else I can to get labor going. Everything except castor oil. I took it with both girls and it worked, but I don't feel super comfortable doing it with the twins. My blood volume has increased by 100%. That's what all the twin calendars say. In a single pregnancy blood increase by only on average 40-50%. Although it can go up to 100% as well. But not until around 34 weeks I think it said. I am definitely feeling that increase. I am getting bloody noses, which really bites. The last one I remember getting was when I was 12. I never got them with my other pregnancies either. I get tired fast and shortness of breath really fast. I feel like I'm in the last month of pregnancy and I still have 2.5 left. Day by day, right? The babies are really kicking up a storm in the last week. Sometimes it's just one moving around and then the other will start up. Sometimes they are both going at it at the same time and it is quite the experience! It really is bizarre. The last thing that has changed in the last week is how much room, or lack of room, I have for food. I have thrown up a bit, not because I felt sick, but there is no room for it, so it just comes back up. Nice, right? Please don't think I'm complaining, I'm not. It's just the truth about what is going on and yes, it's uncomfortable and sometimes inconvient...not sure if that's the right word....but I'm glad it's happening and I wouldn't change it at all!

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