Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am sitting here in the Pass watching Macey play at the park while Mackinley is in her summer art class in Frank. I just noticed while sitting that my chest is peeling. A lot. So gross.

What is annoying about it all is that I haven't even been in the sun. Last weekend we stayed at my parents house and we went to the beach. My mom and I sat in the shade THE WHOLE time! We were there all day and the girls had their sunscreen put on and they were fine. Except the tops of their heads, but even they didn't burn. By the end of the day I felt burnt and looked burnt. I was not impressed. It wasn't even a hot day. My chest and shoulders were sore for a week and now it is peeling. I feel like that gross guy from Austin Powers that saves his skin and eats it.

Just one of those weird pregnancy symptoms I guess, the sensitive skin. At least I learned my lesson on a not so hot day in the shade instead of
out in the sun!

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