Thursday, July 19, 2012


I don't know about you, but when I get pregnant I get intense, weird cravings. They seem to start around the last month of my pregnancy and they go away after I have my babies.

When I had Mackie I craved dirt and gas. I don't remember having a craving for a food item ever. Some food might have sounded good at a moment in time, but my mind wasn't focused on one thing to eat all the time. But gasoline and dirt were for some reason what I was craving. Of course I never ate them, but Jar did put some gas in a pop bottle for me to sniff every now and then to curb my appetite :) He was doing road inspections at the end of that pregnancy and so I went with him and I carried it around with me. I wasn't inhaling it, just sniffing!

With Macey, pretty much the same thing. It kicked in somewhere around the last month and it was dirt and gasoline again. Again, no major food cravings. Just foods that I liked. This time though they were a little bit more intense. We moved to Lundbreck when I was pregnant with her and our shower off our bedroom had tile in it. Everytime I had a shower the grout would be wet obviously and it would smell so good! It kinda smelt like dirt when it rained. I finally caved and licked the shower wall. Yup, you read that right. I caved and licked it. It was fabulous! After that, I started to cave a little bit more. I remember going out and scooping up some gravel and bringing it inside and looking for the good rocks that had the kind of dirt that I knew I would like. Oh yes, I am very specific when it comes to the dirt that I like. It's not the kind that you use in your garden or plants. It's that very fine dirt that clings to rocks or blows away when you drive down a gravel road. That is some prime dirt right there! Anyways, I sat there looking at this gravel wondering if I was seriously going to go through with this and I finally just popped a rock in my mouth. This is going to sound weird, but I felt soooo much better after doing it.

I did it one more time 3 weeks before Macey came. We were at a family reunion and Mackinley was playing at the park. I was sitting on the edge of the park because it was gravel and there was a  wooden border all the way around so it was a built-in seat. I sat there and stared at all the gravely goodness. I once again caved and picked up some rocks and sucked the dirt off and spit it all out. This was not the first experience I have had doing this same sort of thing. I have memories of playing with my cousin and we would go down to a house that was about 3 doors down from mine and they had little bitty gravel in their driveway. We would grab some and put it in our mouths and spit it out. Either at each other or to see how far we could spit it. Anyways, I had done it before. But I was a bit younger back then and it might have been a bit more socially acceptable.

So I had the two dirt experiences with Macey and the shower and that was about it. I did like the smell of gasoline, but I didn't indulge in that one that time around.

This pregnancy has been way different. In more than one way. First, twins. Second, boys. Third, I have been having cravings since around week 5. In the beginning it started out as food cravings. I LOVED those Death Rain Habanero chips for about 3-4 weeks. I couldn't get enough of them. Those big huge Lindt milk chocolate bars were another. I lived off of apples it seemed for a couple of months. I'm sure there were more, but I can't really remember. I had a stash of food by or in my bed for a long time. The food cravings have died down a bit, but the non food cravings have hit hard the last couple of days.

I noticed it last week when I was cleaning the kitchen. I like to use Fantastic all purpose spray when I wipe the cupboards down and so I sprayed it and started to wipe everything up. The smell hit something in my brain and I couldn't get enough of it. It is a weird feeling to have something like that satisfy you in a way that you didn't know it could. Does that make sense? I didn't even know I wanted it, but once I had it, I felt...complete. The dirt has come back this week too. Driving today I had to mentally control myself to not pull over on the side of the road and suck some dirt off of some gravel. It's not just a mental thing either. I had a physical reaction to this craving. My mouth was seriously watering thinking about it. I have never had that happen with before. I don't know if it's because it's my 3rd pregnancy or it's boys or it's twins, but it has started earlier and the cravings are much more intense. I seriously feel like a druggie that needs to get a high. It's going to be a long 2 months of trying to refrain from eating dirt and whatever else might pop up.

I know this might sound crazy and weird, hopefully more funny. I know at first it was embarrassing, but I don't care anymore. I have gotten over it and don't mind sharing my twisted little cravings. Just don't tease me about it. You will then have a pregnant lady that will be ready to tear a strip off of you and your perfect self! Seriously.


  1. I haven't experienced cravings but my sister does - she eats chalk! So don't feel too bad about your dirt thing, haha. My mom tells a story of my Grandma going to the side of the road to pick at the tar and chewing on that too. Oh what having babies does to us eh?! :)

  2. Dirt wont hurt you and who cares what people think. just thik of it as something they woudl put in the word of wisdom.. moderately eat it! lol. i was really bad with vinegar, my mouth would water and my body would start sweating just thinking about it . then when i took a drink i woudl hold it in my mouth and have to sigh. it really was like i was taking drugs.. and actually to tell you the truth i still do it every once and a while. its not that strong of a "i need it" anymore but more like reliving a memory thing .. lol .