Monday, September 28, 2009

Bring it on!

So today I entered into a new phase in life. It's the bloating, cramping, gassy, diarrhea phase. Not very pleasant, but ultimately can't be helped. I started my new meds today that I'm supposed to stay on for the rest of my life. Yuck! Hopefully the symptoms don't last forever as well. The bonus side is it's diabetic medication and I don't have diabetes, so bring on the sugar!! That would defeat the purpose of the meds though in heavy doses of glucose.
Why am I on these meds? I have a hormone disorder called PCOS. I don't look like I have it which is nice, but none the less it is there. The meds are supposed to help regulate my testosterone and FSH and LH. Therotically they should help me get pregnant when I am ready to.
So hopefully next year or the year after (depending on my sanity at the time) the discomfort will pay off with a cute little baby.
In other Mallard news, the girls are feeling better (they have been pukey and poopy the last week and a half). Mackinley is loving her ballet and Macey.....well, she is just the cutest thing ever! She is at such a fun stage right now. She loves to point and babble about whatever she is pointing at. I love watching her learn right in front of me. She LOVES books. Her favorite is to sit on my lap and look through her books. She is so grown up! Oh, and she does so much sign language now. Bird, cat, dog, horse, cow, book, dinosaur, more, eat, drink...I'm sure there's more. She can do please now, but not thank you. We are working on that one.
Mackinley thinks she is a mom now. She is quite funny, but I try to not let her be too bossy. She is the best big sister and a sweet daughter. Today at Costco I bought her a big fairy book that you find things in the picture. I tried to hide it from her but the cashiers aren't very stealthy. They handed it to her and she wouldn't take it. She looked at me confused and asked "Is that for me mom?" I told her yes and instantly her face lit up and yelled "Thank you Mom!". She then proceeded to kiss my arm up and down and we walked out of the store. Too cute.
And a reno update......All the drywall is up! Half of it just needs to be sanded once more and will be done and the rest I start tomorrow. Hopefully painting will be done next week!! Yay! So much closer to organization and cleanliness. I am excited.


  1. Hey!! I didn't realize you have a blog...very cute!!! oh and BTW, I have PCOS as well...unfortunately, I do have the nasty "symptoms" that come with it. I've done YEARS of research into it so if you have any questions just ask away!!!:0) Are you on Metformin?
    Jackie S.

  2. I have PCOS too..........Metformin was never my favorite med either! Let me know how it goes!!!

  3. Yeah, it's metformin. It hasn't been too bad yet. I hope it stays that way! I've known that I had it for about 5 years now, but I also have a blood clotting disorder, so they haven't treated me with any meds until now. I'm hoping it works! I can't believe how many people actually have PCOS. It is not fun.