Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of those days! Again.....

So you know when you have those days that you're busy and need to get things done and everything just seems to go wrong? I happen to have them a lot. Yesterday was no exception!
We all were up early and ready to go to the calf auction in Fort Macleod. We were there for about an hour. It was fun to watch the girls run around and Macey loved all the calves. Mackinley kept getting a little too close to the fence, but other than that it was stress free. We got home at noon.
This might not seem like a big deal, but in our house it kinda is. I will paraphrase. By noon we were all fed, bathed, dressed, into Macleod (which is 40 minutes away), watched the auction, and home again. That is busy for us. Jaron had to go back to bed because he worked that night. The girls and I hung out and cleaned for a bit and then Mackinley had ballet. So cute!!! She loved it. I couldn't really see very well, but what I did see looked like a lot of fun.
We went home and got supper ready. After supper Jaron went to work and we decided to go outside. I needed to get laundry started (it had been awhile, so long Mackinley ran out of underwear this morning...oooops!) but I thought we should go out and have a bit more fun while it was nice out(who needs underwear?). What's a half hour, right? I have a buggy that hooks up to my bike, so we were going to go on an awesome fun bike ride. Mackinley went in to get some shoes and Macey wanted up on the trampoline. We have a slide that is connected and she likes to go down it. She also likes to run across the trampoline and run into our arms. She likes to run across the tramp and we catch her. Normally Jaron and I are both there to run around, so we have our bases covered. Last night she decided to run across, so I ran around, and last minute she turned and darted in another direction and ran straight off the trampoline. I couldn't get there in time to catch her, but in time to watch her land face first and then her legs came up and her whole body bent backwards over her head. I screamed grabbed her and Mackinley and drove to the hospital.
I dropped off Mackinley at her friends house which right by the hospital and then went and waited and waited and waited to see the doctor. We got to the hospital around 7. At 7:30 they told me the doctor was out for supper and wouldn't be back until 8. I thought I'd waited this long I could wait a little longer. The doctor didn't show up until 8:50. Good thing we were first in line! He took a look at her and said she's probably fine, but if you notice anything weird bring her back in. They said she might have a mild concussion because she wasn't walking normally, but she seems fine today, thank goodness! Just a bump on the forehead and a couple of minor scratches.
So I am doing my laundry today. Which is okay, I was just hoping to get out and enjoy the sunshine! We might try the whole bike ride again tonight minus the trampoline.
I know I'm always going to have busy days and we wills always have those disaster days....I just wish they didn't always tend to line up together! After days like yesterday I am content with the kids I have. It has helped me get over my baby fever real quick like! We'll see how long that lasts!
Actually, probably until this morning when my girls were laughing harder than I have ever heard before. It was the best. Mackinley was laughing at barking spiders and Macey was laughing at her. Definitely a better start to hopefully a better day!

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  1. Wow that is crazy. I hope Macey is better :) I love your posts Tiff.