Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ballet shoes and Needles.

Well, today was an expensive day!! We had to put down half of the cost for our carpet. Yikes! Then I decided last minute to put Mackinley into ballet. Double yikes!
The only way I justified spending that much money on a 3 year old to go to ballet was that I don't actually have to pay for it. Thanks Teck Coal! She looks so stinkin cute in her gear that we bought. We got home and she immediately put it all on. Then she started to dance around like a ballerina. She is quite the girl! So much of a girl in fact that at lunch today she asked if we were going to go fishing. I said sometime we would. She then said "Oh, good. I need to get a pink fishing rod. With princesses on it." There is such thing. At Walmart.
Macey didn't have a good day though. One word. Immunizations. Yuck! I absolutely hate them! Jaron got to come with me this time. I don't think he's been able to come since Mackinley was a little baby. I only cried a little. It seems to get worse the older they get. I am dreading taking them both for flu shots and then again for swine flu shots. It's torture I tell you! Poor helpless little babies. If only there was another way.
I used to take blood from babies. I used to think I could poke my own kids no problem. I have gotten soft in my motherhood. Just thinking about it makes me ill. I don't know what I would do if I had to go back! Maybe change professions. I hear dentistry has a lot of money in it. :)
So Yippee!!! I get carpet downstairs in about 3 weeks! My life will slowly get back to normal. And by normal I mean clean and organized! I am pumped!!!


  1. Aww! You will have to post pictures of her in her outfit!

  2. We hate needle days too. Kinsey just had her's too. Not fun! But she did very well.

  3. Hey! I just found your blog! I absolutely HATE needle days! Kamry has her's again on Tuesday. We both cried last time. Terrible day....