Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Parks and Ice Cream....and Renovations

So today was a great day! I got to sleep in while Jaron had the girls. This is a normal occurrence, but normally I don't really get to sleep because the girls are crying. I just lay in bed listening to them holler. Which still okay, but there was no crying, none that I could hear. I woke up by myself and not to Mackinley coming into my bed or Macey waking up in her room. I don't mind being woken up by the girls, but wow! It felt great! Then I got up to get ready for the day. I had lost 3 pounds, got showered and ready with no interuptions, made lunch and we were off to Lethbridge.
I love our Lethbridge trips. We do the same things most of the time. Go to the pet store, get some ice cream, get some KFC and eat it at the park. Today we were at the park for awhile but left because it was just way too hot. So we went to the splash park instead. I love being able to hang out and lounge and just have fun with my family. Nowhere to be, nothing to do.
The girls seem to like our trips. Mackinley knows the routine...which stores we go to, what parks, stuff like that. Macey just wants to run loose and destroy anything in her path. Like today at the pet store. Instead of looking at all the cute fluffy animals she was off running and grabbing the stuff off the shelves. Too bad clay bowls are so breakable! The people that stock that store definitely don't have kids!
Tomorrow won't be as fun. Productivity doesn't seem to be "fun" anyways. My floor will be done, and we will be on our way to having the bathroom done. The drywalling will commence soon! I really should take some pictures. We are doing MAJOR renos. Extensive, huge, ginormous renos.
I cannot wait to get this done. It looks really good so far. Jaron has done a really great job. We have had help from my Daddy too!
Jack Bauer is calling my name. I need to get in an episode before I go to sleep!


  1. welcome to the blogging world...if you want i have a blog to at

  2. Welcome to blogging. Mine has totally been slacking since having Kinsey.

    I'm glad to hear that Macey is just as busy as Kinsey. She keeps me on my toes!!