Saturday, October 17, 2009

Does the craziness ever end?

We have carpet!!! Hallelujah! It looks so much better down here. It feels like a home now! There is still soooo much to do down here before we're finished, but it is livable. It should mostly be done next week as well as the bathroom down here.
Maybe by then Jar will want to install my new central vac system again by then......they don't get along. So here's a good story.....we have central vac in our house. It is old and nasty. Costco had a new central vac system for sale that came with everything, the pipes, the kitchen add-on, all the plug ins, and a power nozzle. Fully loaded. For super super cheap. I was so excited. Because it's all in already I figured it wouldn't be to hard to substitute everything and it would be a snap. I was wrong. Our old vac was attached to the wall up high in the laundry room, and by high I mean our laundry room has a 12 ft ceiling. So Jar is up there on the ladder trying to get the old one down and the bolts came out and he fell....onto the water heater. The old central vac took a chunk out of the floor and hit the new vac. The new one fell and hit my newly painted wall and took a chunk out of it and then slid down and scratched it all up and landed milimeteres away from Macey's cute little toes. Jar's pants and underwear were ripped and when he turned around I looked and he was bleeding. It turned out it was just scratched a bit with a pretty good bruise. I thought for sure though by the sounds of him he had broken something in his body. Once we knew he was okay we started to laugh about it....well, I started to laugh anyways. That was a few days ago. I am hoping Jar heals mentally before next Friday so I can use the new vacuum on my new carpet.
Pretty funny, but it doesn't end there. This morning we had no hot water. Jar's fat butt landed on the hot water tank's release valve and bent it so it was leaking. It wasn't leaking onto the floor, but into the water tank itself and the pilot light went out. Jar tried to fix it by vacuumming up the water with the shop vac which would be fine....but he had it in dry mode with a bag full of drywall mud. Oh the fun never ends!! We were able to fix it ourselves, so that was a bonus.
And the girls, oh the girls. They've been contributing to the madness with full force! Macey is in the helping stage. She wants to do EVERYTHING that I do. She has always wanted to be with me and for me to hold her, but she wants to right in the mix of things. I painted the bathroom last week and she decided she wanted to help paint. She painted herself pretty good and when I found out I ended up getting paint on my shoes, jeans, and there was something else, I just can't remember. So into the tub she went! The next day I ran into town while Macey slept. Jaron decided to sleep too. When I returned home Mackinley reeked of my perfume. She had half a bottle of it in her hair. That was probably 5 days ago and she has had a bath everyday since then and it still smells of perfume. GAG!
I'm really hoping that one of our projects will go smoothly. None of this stuff that makes me wanna rip my hair out or go sit in the bathroom and cry. I can't even do that anymore. If I shut the bathroom door fully in our room I will get locked in. The handle is broken on it. Good thing we're putting in a new door....soon. Hint hint. Wink wink. Jar.
So that is a little look into our life the last few weeks. Crazy, but my house looks so good! I will put some pictures up when we get the trim put up and the new doors put in. Hopefully soon!


  1. ROTFLOL!!! I'm sorry... I busted a gut reading about all your little reno "adventures"- But I did pause to gasp at Jaron's mishaps. OUCH! Glad to hear he was okay in the end; other than his pride ;) I feel for ya Tiff. I really hope things will finally come into place for you guys. Wouldn't it be nice when things calm down, so you CAN sit back and relax with peace of mind!? (Perhaps take a soak in the tub with some bubbles and not have to worry about anything else for a couple of hours.) Best of luck!

  2. Oops! I almost forgot! Send me an email, and I'd love to give you an invite for my own blog too :)