Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Late nights

It's late. I know I won't be sleeping anytime soon either. Not because of babies. I just can't. I think I have a touch of insomnia. For reals. I remember as a kid not being able to fall asleep. I would lay on my stomach and kick my legs. I would start real fast and then slow down. Maybe it helped? I don't know. But it is what I did. I also remember as a kid watching the movie "The Return to Oz". In the movie, Dorothy has trouble sleeping and they send her to a place to help her with it. They hook her up to a machine and they start doing tests. I used to think that if only I could have that test done, I would be able to fall asleep like a normal person. Little did I know the test wasn't real. And so here I sit.

I think I am going to just type. Anything. Until I feel like going to bed. It will be rambled. It won't make sense, but I like typing. It is almost therapeutic. I have always liked to type. I am a fast typist. FYI I put in typer, but the read squiggly line showed up letting me know it wasn't a real word. Thank you spell check for making me sound smart. Typist sounds smart, does it not? I think playing the piano helped me out a lot in the typing department. Or maybe my typing helped out my piano playing? Either way, I like them both. I miss playing the piano.

We have lived here for 5 years and not once have I played the piano in church. I am not complaining, it's just weird. Growing up I always was playing for something. And now, never. I guess I did play for the school's Christmas concert last year. I volunteered again this year, but they rejected me. Not because they didn't want me to, I am sure it was because I had 3 month old twins at the time. I still would have gladly have done it! I also was at church and they had no one to play in RS, so they had the tape player playing music. I was sitting there astonished that they wouldn't ask me to play. It's two songs! Again, not because they didn't want me to, but I had twins. Thanks for your consideration, but I can do it! I never said anything. It wasn't that big of a deal. I wasn't offended or anything, I just find it funny that people won't use a perfectly capable person when they are needed. If this sounds ranty, it isn't supposed to. I am rambling, remember?

So today was windy. Surprise!!!! It was windy in Lundbreck? You don't say......When someone from Lundbreck says it's windy out.......hold down your hat and hold your car doors! You are in for a treat! Trucks were pulled over on the road. I saw an SUV almost take on a semi truck on the bridge going home from Pincher. They wind just kept pushing them over! If you can't drive in the wind, stay home! It was a rough drive, not only on my hands, but my gas tank as well. I was second guessing my decision to move for a bit, but today reminded me why I want to get the heck out of here! I am so glad that I am not stuck here! Well, I guess I am stuck here if our house never sells. It isn't even close to being ready to put on the market yet either. One day. Hopefully this year!

A baby has started to cry. I should go feed him. My rambling ended a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be. But, snuggling sleepy babies is way better than this!

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