Friday, February 15, 2013

Life's little quirks

I had the weirdest night tonight. In a good way though. I happened to come across a page on facebook a month or two ago about a little baby boy that is very sick. He is a twin and was born only 3 weeks after mine were born. I felt an instant connection! Him and his brother were born early. He was also diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and 2 holes in his heart. He is seriously one of the most cutest babies I have seen! He has been in the hospital most of his life and is struggling to live. I can only imagine the stress and anguish his parents are going through right now.

When I was pregnant, I was stressed to the max about them coming early. Even if they were born at 32 weeks like they tried to, I knew the chances of them being alright in the end were very high. It was just the inconvenience of being away from home and how to handle the girls and how I was going to deal with little babies that couldn't nurse, that stressed me out. I consider myself to be extremely blessed that none of that happened. I had 2 boys that got to come home with me. Happy, healthy, strong. They have been the best of babies on top of it all. Of course it's been tiring and I've had my stressful days, but there's 2 of them! And 2 more girls on top of that! It's going to get a bit harried! But I am glad. I am grateful.

Anyways, I felt very strongly about contacting the mother. I have had it in the back of my mind for awhile now, but she had posted something that really hit me tonight. I asked my brother if I could volunteer him to give him a blessing. I knew he would be okay with it, but I figured it would be polite to ask. I then sent her a message through facebook. I was terrified! I am awkward in a lot of things and talking religion, especially to a stranger, is one of them. I would be a horrible missionary. Can you say 'panic attack'? I have learned though, to never ignore that feeling I was having. No matter what. I have had that feeling get so intense from ignoring it for too long that I get physically sick and as soon as I listen, instant relief. So, I listened. Promptly. I sent her a message with the offer. I let her know there would be no strings attached, no attempted conversion, just straight up prayers from someone I believed to hold the Priesthood, the Power of God. I told her it was the only way I knew best how to help her. I had fleeting moments of doubt after I pushed the send button. Did I really just do that? What an idiot you are! What kind of person does that? She has enough to worry about. What if she tells you to mind your own business? I don't do well with rejection.

She messaged me back letting me know that he had already had a blessing a couple of months back and she had one as well. Then, she thanked me for the offer. I then let her know that if she ever did want another, it was only a message away. She then sent me another message telling me of the person that had given them their blessings. It happened to be a guy I went to elementary school with. As soon as I saw his name, I started to cry. It was almost like an affirmation that I did the right thing. So, of course I had to send him a message and tell him about my cool story! What a small world!

I really don't know why I had a strong impression to send her a message. I guess sometimes we don't find out what would happen if we do or don't listen. I think I'd rather listen though! No regrets! Plus, that intense feeling goes away instantly. I love life's little quirks. Something so little can have such a huge impact. Maybe I needed it more than her. One small step into the "Every member a missionary" movement.

Anyways, if you would like to know more about this amazing mom and dad and their beautiful babies, go visit this page Lucky Lekisch. I dare you to not fall in love with him!

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