Saturday, August 7, 2010

WARNING: May be a little lame. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I am the worst blogger ever!!! I always intend to update my blog, but I always get distracted reading all the DIY blogs I follow. By the time I'm done I've wasted all my time and don't get a post in. Anyone else follow dozens of those blogs? It seems like I am always adding new ones too. It makes me feel crafty just reading them!
So we have had a CRAZY summer so far. This is the first week that we have been at home. It's been so nice knowing that I don't have to pack up again for a long time. We've been gone to Cold Lake, Edmonton, Cranbrook, Magrath, Calgary, Lacombe.....I think that's it. It's been fun to see family and friends. The girls have really loved going to Nana's house so much. We got home on Monday and the first thing Macey said when we got home was "Nana's house".
I've been quite busy with my vinyl business lately. I was busy when we lived in Cranbrook, but Lundbreck doesn't seem to be booming for some reason. Can't imagine why.....It's been sooooo nice to get some craftiness out of my system. I need to start decorating my home though. I'm always making for someone else. I got to make a huge vinyl floor mat with my brother last month. My brother got married and they wanted a dance floor monogram. Easy peasy......not. They wanted it to be as big as possible. It was a 9 ft circle. It turned out great, but it was horrible to make. Everything went well, it was just so long. Good thing I didn't have to do it by myself.
My brother got married last month. Just in case you didn't catch that from the last paragraph. It was a beautiful wedding! He married Kimm and she is pretty great! They compliment each other quite nicely. Jaron's sister got married a couple of months ago so now I get to have hopes for cousins for my girls. Maybe that will relieve the pressure for me to have more kids. I doubt it, but here's hoping!
The last little while Macey has slowly started turning from terror to fun. She is quite the kid. The girls play together. Do you understand the full meaning of the last sentence. My girls PLAY together. They still fight, but there are moments. Moments that are so.....nice. Their new thing right now is hide-n-seek. I absolutely love watching them play. It gives me hope. Mackinley is also changing. Hers is not quite so great. She's turning into a child. With the attitude of a teenager. She's not bad, she just thinks that she knows everything. I thought was supposed to start later on. She's quite funny to watch still. She LOVES to dance and sing. Yesterday I was getting ready to go out with some friends and this is how our conversation went......
Mackinley: Can I get ready?
Me: No. Just Mommy is getting ready. I'm going out with some friends.
Mackinley: What friends?
Even my 4 year old knows I have no social life! Not really, but the way it came out, it sounded just like that. I really do have friends, it's just hard for us to do stuff with Jar being gone so much with shift work and living out in the boonies doesn't help either. One more year and Mackinley will be kindergarten and hopefully we'll meet more people close to our house that we can be friends with. It's not far to drive to our Pincher friends, but it just makes it harder to do stuff sometimes.
This has been a random post. Once again. I really need to blog more so I can organize my thoughts better. I hate posting one post for months worth of stuff. I apologize for my boring, random ramblings. I have also learned today that I shouldn't blog when I am starving! I just need to eat but if I don't finish this now it will get sent to drafts and never get finished!!!! I guess I'll end with that and hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and post something before Christmas.
I do need to share Macey's lovely birthing story. She turns 2 in 2 weeks. I will definitely post that on or around her birthday.


  1. Loved this post! I learned so much in your "ramblings." :) I should take a hint... I've let my entries slide over the last year. I used to be so diligent-- but now, like you, I find myself spending more time reading other blogs, then recording in my own. I need to change that fast. Don't want to lose anymore of our own family's history, lol. Thanks for the update! Glad you guys are having a great summer! Don't forget to add pictures of the girls when you can too! They DO grow up so fast ;) {Hugs}

  2. I'm glad you updated, keep it up! :) I read all those crafty blogs too. I love looking at them but find it all so overwhelming with all the things I want to try! Glad your summer's going great!

  3. Cassie, get your butt on facebook! You can see tons of pictures of the girls on there. I can't figure out how to put pictures in different places so I just don't put them on.
    Michelle, I'm the same way. I just want to try everything and then I have too many projects on the go.