Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another day with the Mallard's

We decided yesterday to go for a trip through Logan's Pass and got eat at our favorite restaurant in Kalispell....HuHot! Of course we (I) had to some Ross shopping and check out the new 24 hr Walmart in Kalispell. 24 hr Walmart bring me great happiness. I don't know what it is, but when we're in the states and are by a Walmart that is 24 hr I won't go during the day. Well, I do, but I will go for sure in the middle of the night. Just because I can. And it's awesome. It's a good thing this Walmart was open all night because we would be driving home right now instead of actually being home. I'll get to that later.
So we leave and get to the pass. We bought the annual pass because if we spent $25 we had a pass for a week which actually was only the day because we won't be going back this week. If we spent $10 more we had a pass until the end of August next year. Ummmmm, it only made sense to buy the annual. We got to the pass and it was beautiful! As always. It was fun to drive through with the girls and see them all excited to see the water coming off the rocks and the cliffs and all the flowers. I really hope they love it there as much as I do one day. It was a little slow going because of some construction, but other than that it was great! I hung my feet and my arm out the window, we had the music going and everyone was singing. Fun times!
We go to Kalispell and went straight to Ross. It was grand. Then we hit HuHot's. I can't tell you how awesome it is to eat there. I will never eat at Mongolian Grill again. Ever. Unless someone else is paying. I had a $36 bowl at Mongolian once and ate the whole thing. Coincidentally, our entire bill last night for 2 adults and 2 kids was $36, tip included. And I ate more. For those of you who don't know what HuHot or Mongolian Grill is, first, you need to get out more. Second, they are restaurants where you go up with a bowl and pick out your raw meat and fresh veggies and then you put sauce on it. You take it to the cooks and the fry it up for you on a big huge grill. At Mongolian Grill they weigh your bowl and that's how much you pay for your meal. You can go up more than once, but you get your second bowl measured too. If you don't get meat they will charge you less. Just in case you want to save a few bucks! They don't grill it in front of you, they grill it and your waitress brings it out to you. At HuHot's you do the same go get your meat and veggies and sauces and you take it to the grill and you get to watch them cook it for you. The cooks toss their.....I don't know what they are called....let's call them metal cooking things. So they toos their metal cooking things around in the air while they are cooking and it is pretty impressive. If you give them a tip you get to ring the gong. The girls love doing this! They give you your plate and you go sit and eat. It is a beautiful dining experience. Until the 3rd helping and it's time to go to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom yesterday and while I was in there making some more room, I thought that restaurant must have more pooh go through it than any other restaurant. There's your thought of the day!
After stuffing ourselves we went to Walmart. It was grand! It is brand new and did I mention it is open 24 hrs? I took my time. I wanted to see everything! We looked around and got a few things. Now that I think about it, I didn't look at the shoes. How could I not look at the shoes?!?!?!? I'm a little upset right now. Even Jar says that's sad. I think he's being sarcastic. By the time we're done it's getting late and the girls are getting tired and cranky, so Jar took them out to the car while I took everything through the till. I'm always surprised to see how many people shop so late at night. I finally got through and went to the car. Mackinley said something about her little puppy that she put in her purse and my stomach felt sick. While we looked at the toys we saw these little tiny stuffies that were $2.50. They were cute little things so I told the girls if they were good I would get them one. I took them out of the cart later because Macey didn't seem that interested in them and I thought I had them all out. Lo and behold she had one that she had put in her purse and when Jar took them to the car, the little puppy went with them. So my kid stole a toy. I'll be honest, the thought did cross my mind to just forget about it, not a big deal. But, I knew I couldn't do that, so I grabbed it, put it in the box, grabbed Mackinley and off we went back into Walmart. She was crying because I got mad at her for stealing, so when I took her in to take it back the ladies already knew what was going on. They were really great. The one lady knelt down on the ground and I told Mackinley to give it back. She just stood there and cried. I knew she wasn't going to say sorry like I told her she needed to. I had to hold her arm so she could give it back. I don't know if it was because I was embarassed or I felt so bad for her, or both, but I started to to choked up. I apologized for her and the lady said thank you and we left. How awful. I know Mackinley didn't really know what stealing was, but hopefully she does now. At least enough to not do that again.
We got gas and headed home. So we thought. We were 10 minutes from the border and all of the sudden we see police lights flashing. Oh great. Just what we need. Jaron wasn't driving ridiculously fast, but the night speeds are different and he didn't take that into account. The cop clocked him at 78 mph. So he asks for our license and registration...the routine. I had our insurance papers in my purse because I kept forgetting to take it to the car. I figured if I had in my wallet then if I needed it I would know where it was. I went to get it out of my purse and I couldn't find it. The cop said he'd go and when he came back he would look at our other papers. We gave him our registration, but I told him the insurance was in my wallet and it's missing. He let me go and look in the trunk and it wasn't there either. He let us go with a warning. I think he felt bad for us. I don't think he believed us, but he felt bad for us. So we turned around to drive the hour that we had already driven. I got our states phone out to try and phone Walmart to see if they had it. As I was trying to figure it out Jar slammed on the brakes. I knew something bad was happening even before I looked up. Stupid deer. There were 2 crossing the road. We knew the first one wouldn't be the issue it was the 2nd one. It's always the 2nd one. I was prepared to hit it and at the last instant Jar was able to swerve and just miss it. We kept driving. I couldn't get a hold of Walmart so we had to stew for an hour.
We got there and they had it. Yay! It happened to be one of the ladies that I had just dealt with when I took Mackinley in. How embarrassing. She told me "When we looked at your license and saw Alberta we were hoping you wouldn't get too far. And then I saw picture and thought 'I remember you." Great. That's what every mother of a thieving child wants to hear.
So we were back on the road. It was after 1:30 in the morning. When we got to Eureka we saw the same cop driving through town. He saw us and you could tell he recognized us. Hopefully he believed us now for sure! We got back in with no hassle and then made it home safely. There were a couple more deer and elk on the road, but none as close as the one we almost hit.
When we got home we put the girls to bed and Jar set up a mattress on our deck on top of the garage. The stars were amazing. We laid there and talked about our crazy, yet great day. It was 5 in the morning. The sun was starting to come up. We went in to bed and nobody woke up until after 10. It was good.

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