Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jammy Days

We have been so busy lately. I'm not one for a busy schedule, but sometimes it just can't be helped. Today was supposed to be another one of those days, but the kids are sick and I don't feel like dragging them around all day. I cancelled our stuff so we can stay home and relax. Hopefully the little ones will start to feel better soon because there is a lot of busyness coming our way again! Busyness that can't be cancelled.
I am a huge fan of jammy days! I like them on days like this, where it's not nice out and nobody is feeling that great. We have baths, get in new jammies, watch TV and cuddle up in our heated blankets. So nice.


  1. Cute Post! You should post a picture of all you lovelies in your Pj's! I hope the girlies feel good soon :( It's not fun to be sick. I've been fighting a head cold for a month now!
    Great to see you at the Temple... You looked FANTASTIC Tif!!! ((Too bad it wasn't a longer visit ;D)) Can I assume to say "Congrats" for your busyness...!? Looking forward to hearing all about it! Hugs to you all! ♥

  2. Jammy Days are the best. :) Hope the kids feel better!

  3. Sorry Cassie, it's not that kind of busyness. Mackinley had her ballet recital this weekend. She had rehearsals every night this last week. It was pretty tiring for all of us. It's over now! Yay! It was good to see you guys too! We'll have to get together.
    Heather, when are you guys coming up this way? I see how much fun you guys are having down there and I want to hang out so bad!!