Friday, November 13, 2009

My dad always said life isn't fair

We went shopping this week so I could buy some new clothes for myself. I don't really need new clothes I guess, but the ones that fit (my skinny clothes...yay!) are at least 2 years old. I didn't wear them last year because Macey was still just a wee babe and I couldn't fit in them, so some of them only have one season of wear. I still would like to buy some more. I didn't find any though.
Jaron doesn't like to go clothes shopping. He is a major pain in my rear end when we go. Not that he won't let me spend the money, it's the fact that he can't stand waiting around. He's constantly asking if I'm done, or he won't look at what I'm showing him and give me an opinion of something. He would make a terrible gay guy. He is pretty patient though when we are shopping for him. We went to wholesale sports first. We were there for a good hour waiting for the paperwork to his new gun to finish. While he is standing ogling guns I have to keep both kids happy in a non kid-friendly store. Boo-urns. But I did it without complaining....about any of it. And just so you know, I am not complaining right now, I am explaining.
So off to the mall we go. Jar was actually pretty good, because he wanted to even out the tally. He spent so much, so I should spend so much so that I didn't count the gun as his christmas present. He's so thoughtful.
I didn't find anything for myself and I was okay with that. Until Mackinley got her ears pierced. She was pretty adamant that she get them done and so I let her. Since it was unplanned she didn't get emla cream put on like I normally would've done, but she's a pretty tough girl.....I thought. The poor thing thought she was going to die I'm sure. I did feel bad for her. She didn't cry too hard for too long. But she whined for the next....well she's still whining. She absolutely loves them though. Anyways, we did this at the end of the shopping trip and I didn't feel like dragging a crying kid through any more stores. But I definitely felt like buying something nice for myself, even if it was a super cute dress from le chateau that was 200 bucks! I resisted and we left. Jaron with a new gun....Mackinley with new earrings.....and me carrying Macey. Oh well, maybe next time.
I did get a pumpkin pie blizzard that day, so that was great. And after the mall I got a donut and hot smoothie from Timmy's, so that was pretty great too.
We got home kinda late and as we drove into the driveway lo and behold a stupid muskrat is running toward my house! The thing was ginormous!! Jar got out to get rid of it, but the thing was stone stupid and ran toward Jar and got booted around. It sat on the woodpile and Jar went to go get something to catch it in. By the time he got back it was gone. Ewwww! It's lurking around somewhere. Hopefully it has left and went back to the water.
Crazy day, but fun. Today we drove out and went shooting the new gun. I have to admit I'm kinda wimpy, and after shooting 8 rounds, my arm is sore....still. I just checked.
We got trim put up today!!!! Hallelujah! It looks amazing. Jar did awesome. We still have more to do and then I promise I will put up pictures. I can promise this because I finally found my card reader. I was getting kinda worried for a bit there, but it turned up.
Now that I have typed this up I have realized I have had a pretty busy week. And it is not finished yet. Monday, tuesday was cleaning and laundering. Wednesday was Christmas baking with my mommy. Thursday was shopping. Today was trim and shooting guns and hanging out with friends. Tomorrow is super saturday...yay! and Sunday.....well, I don't even want to talk about sunday. Sunday's are the worst day of the week. At least Jar is home this sunday. Only 3 and a half more months til nursery. Only.
Off to bed for me! I am excited to lay in bed and watch a movie. A nice way to end the day.


  1. Loved your post. And I am with you sunday is the worst day of the whole week...whatever happend to sundays of rest and enlightment???

  2. Oh Tif! I totally sympathize with ya ;)
    Jon is the EXACTLY same way when it comes to clothes shopping... It was if you were describing OUR fiasco's, instead of your own. Right down to Wholesale Sports... too perfect. LOL.
    Next time, call me up to go shopping with you and the girls. And we can leave the "boys" to their toys.
    Try and enjoy tomorrow's Sabbath day.

  3. P.S I wanna see a pic of Mackinley with her new earrings too! What girls have to go through to look pretty. Poor thing :) Glad she liked the outcome.

  4. I hear ya about Sunday. I feel like it's a circus with Kinsey, but Tim's not working today so it's his turn with Kinsey this time. haha

    On a side note: We're thinking of moving out that way. Any great houses for sale that you know of? We wanna get closer to the mountains and a wee bit closer to BC.

  5. Michelle, thank you once again for reminding me that whatever I'm dealing with, you have 2 more babies than me. I don't know how you do it!
    Cassie, I will probably take you up on that offer. We should go see the new Twilight movie that's coming out.
    Ashlee, you want to move out to the Pincher area? Do you like wind? haha. There are some houses on Good luck with it!